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A Few Pictures of Baby James

Okay, so this blog post is really just an excuse to show off my cute kids. It’s so mcu fun to have them around! They make me really glad I have a digital camera.

 I have to say that this baby is getting A LOT of love — hopefully not too much for his own good.




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Staying Out of Debt

The other day, my cell phone started having technical problems and I knew it was time for a new one. I have to admit, I was SORELY tempted to buy an iPhone. After all, they’ve dropped in price from $599 to $399. However, when I added in the $70 per month service plan, it would have cost me more than $1,200 over course of the year (including the cost of the phone). Was I really willing to shell out an average of $100 per month for a cool gadget like that? Did I really NEED Internet access while driving in the car? (I already have broadband access at home and at work.)


The answer, sadly, was no. It’s a luxury that I can do without. In fact, I actually went to the other extreme. I cancelled my $60 / month phone service with AT&T and decided to go “pre-paid” with T-Mobile. It’s basically 10 cents per minute for all calls, regardless of when calls are made and who makes them. In order to make it worth it, I have to curb my cell phone usage from about 800 minutes per month to around 200. I’ve been on the plan for a week now and have used 70 minutes. Not too shabby.

Anyway, this brings me to the main point of my post — how to exercise self restraint and stay out of debt.

For the past two years, Robin and I have been essentially free of consumer debt. We paid off both of our cars and all other outstanding debts. Today, we only owe money on our mortgage (oh, and my student loan for my MBA is about to come due, so I’ll have to start paying on that). It feels great not to be under the burden of debt, which we’ve felt before.  Sure, we have a revolving line of credit that we use, but we make sure to pay off our credit card in full each month. We put everything we can on our credit card to earn points, and we get about $600 per year in rewards such as gift cards to Target, Sears, Home Depot, Red Lobster, etc. The credit card company probably hates customers like us since we have never paid any interest on our card, but I love it.

Of course, it’s not always easy to stay debt free. The other day, I saw that someone in our neighborhood was selling a beautiful 2002 Ford Explorer in pristine condition. Its white exterior and leather interior are car qualities my dad always liked, and I’ve followed suit. The seller was asking $11,900, and I started thinking about how I could finance that kind of purchase, especially since I have some AFLAC money coming in and my tax refund is looking pretty good for early next year. Then I came to my senses. I asked myself, “Do I really NEED that new car? Would it be worth the expense?” Sure, my cars aren’t particularly great, but they’re not particularly bad either. And their paid for!!!

Getting out of debt is hard, staying out of debt is equally hard — especially in our society in which we have been trained to want the latest and greatest things, and we have been conditioned to expect instant gratification. That’s where credit cards can be so very dangerous. Here’s a video that really sums up my thoughts on the subject in a humorous way:


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Crazy Hair Day

Today is crazy hair day at school, and I had to get a picture of the kids as they left. They love to do stuff like that. Parley is the “Incredible Hulk” and Brianna is a martian.

BTW, as you can see, our $500 cat Shadow is doing well. I took him into the vet yesterday, and Shadow is doing great. Just another couple of weeks with the cast and he’ll be good as new!



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Phone Message from Optimus Prime!

The other day I was driving down the street, and my cell phone started ringing. The caller ID did its job of identifying the caller as my brother-in-law Chris Brewer — or so I thought. After answering with a chipper “Hello,” I heard the rough, gritty, deep voice of the transformer leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime, warn me that the Decepticons were infiltrating my area and had potentially assimilated my wife Robin into their group. Apparently, Robin now goes by the name “Devestator.”

I soon realized that this funny phone message is part of an ingenious marketing ploy by the promoters of the Transformers DVD (available October 16) and they’ve struck gold. It is hilarious and makes you want to fill out the information online and send a phone message (or email) to all your friends.


Here’s the link: Go check it out, it’s really fun!

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Simpsonize Me!

So now that our new son is here, we wanted to have a family portrait done. Instead of paying big bucks at Target’s portrait studio :-), I came across this website where you can upload pictures of yourself and “Simpsonize” your family. So for a family night activity, we went to work on creating our family as it would look if “our family were transported into the TV set” (Parley’s quote). Each of the kids got to choose their hairstyles, clothing style and color and other features like eye shape, mouth shape and accessories (see baby James’ binkie).

Anyway here’s the result, set in front of our real life house!


If you want to Simpsonize yourself go to


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First Bath for Baby

Okay, I had to upload and share this video of my little son taking his first bath at the hospital last night. It’s very cute to see him crying at first and then just enjoying the warm water as it reminds him of the womb that he called home for so long.

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Welcome James Andrew Lambert

Our new son arrived on Thursday night, October 11, at 8:53 p.m. He arrived after 8 hours of labor and one hour of pushing. He weighed in at 8 pounds and 14 ounces and is 21.5 inches long. Robin is doing great, although she’s tired and sore. She’s definitely glad to have the baby here, and so am I.

We’ve named him James Andrew Lambert. As you can see from the pictures, he’s a cutie!





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