Little Ones

07 Oct

Last night after attending the Priesthood Session, we got together at my Mom’s house to spend time together as a family. Everyone was there except for Nate’s family who are currently living in Florida earning advanced degrees from Florida State University.

Anyway, I love little children, and at last night’s gathering we had nine children ranging from 10 years old (happy birthday, Sam!) to seven months old (cute Parker). Once you add Nate’s two boys, that makes 11 grandchildren so far. Of course, our son is about to arrive (any day now) and Dan and Andrea announced last night that they are expecting a baby in April. So that will make 13! Family gatherings are noisy and a bit crazy, but so much fun. This is a great time of life, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

 Below are a couple of pictures taken last night. The first one is me with my niece Mary Roseleen Lambert. Named after two of her great grandmothers, Mary is a very sweet child. With great parents like Matt and Elizabeth, little Mary has a very bright future. Lately when we’ve gotten together, she seeks me out and that just melts my heart. She’s a real charmer!


This other picture includes Aaron’s two kids (Lanette and Parker), along with my Lily and little Mary.


Kids are so much fun! If only Grandpa Kent were around to enjoy being with them! Lily is the only one of this group that got to meet my dad in this life, and I’m sure she won’t remember it. Ah, lots to look forward to in the eternities. Dad, we missed you at Priesthood Session last night…

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Posted by on October 7, 2007 in Family


One response to “Little Ones

  1. Vicki

    October 22, 2007 at 4:31 pm

    I just reread this blog and enjoyed it very much. The photos of you with Mary and the 4 little ones were darling. We are so blessed to have all these sweet children. Thanks for the photos and your comments about Dad. I always think a lot about him at conference time.


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