The Cycle of Life

09 Oct

October 8, 1997 is a date I will always remember. It was the day on which my dear maternal grandmother, Evelyn Gledhill Wentz Rowley, died. She was a very special woman to me — I always admired her kind, loving personality and her desire to serve others. She was always a lot of fun too. When we got to stay with her, we would enjoy trips to the canyon, the mall or the park. We’d march around the benches in her backyard yelling “BYU, BYU, BYU” (What can I say, we were indoctrinated at a young age!) And since she lived in Orem, I always remember the faint nasty smell of Geneva Steel plant.


This picture was taken back in about 1980 when I was 5 or 6 years old. Pictured here are me (the smiley guy in the front with a blue hat) and four of my siblings — Matt, Amy, Danny and Aaron. Not pictured are Nate and Holly, who hadn’t arrived on the scene quite yet. My Uncle Stuart is on the left with Grandma Evelyn on the right.

Grandma Eveyln has been gone now for 10 years. My dad’s mom, Granny Mary, passed away six months ago — the last of my grandparents. As I think back on the inestimable influence of my grandparents, I have to conclude that grandparents are a real treasure. They provide great teachings based on the wisdom that comes from experience. They freely share their thoughts and feelings with love and concern. But most importantly, they give pure love to their grandchildren. I feel blessed to have had wonderful grandparents in my life. I also feel lucky that my own children have good grandparents as well.

As I approach the imminent birth of my son (any day now), I can’t help but reflect on the cycle of life. Generations come, generations go. What will be my own lasting legacy in this world? I don’t intend to have buildings named after me, nor do I expect to have a bronze sculpture of me in the city park (hey, you never know, it could happen!) In the end, my legacy will be reflected the lives of my children and grandchildren. Since I am the product of my own ancestors, I feel a great deal of gratitude to them for who I am today. Hopefully, my own descendants will feel the same way about me. Is it possible that someday they will be reading this blog? Will blogs still exist in 100 years?

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One response to “The Cycle of Life

  1. Vicki

    October 9, 2007 at 6:26 am

    Thanks for the nice tribute to my darling Mom. She was an amazing example to me and had a powerful influence for good in my life. I know how much you loved her too, for she was a very special grandma.


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