Follow-up to “Things I’m Supposed to Do”

16 Dec

Okay, so I wrote my last post as an expression of my thoughts after reading a blog entry from Kristy, a friend of mine who wrote a list of things she’s chosen not to do. She did it in response to a perception that some in the blogosphere might have that she has it all together — that’s she’s a superwoman. She rightly concludes that a blog allows us to show only certain aspects of ourselves and, by definition, is two-dimensional.

Anyway, I decided to do a new post in response to the comments I got on my last post. (By the way, 5 responses is quite a few, especially lately when few people have been posting comments on anything I’ve posted — probably since most of my posts lately have been somewhat trivial. I guess I need to write more controversial stuff to elicit responses!)

First, let me say I appreciate the comments. Mom, sorry I don’t read the Reader’s Digest like I should. Kira, I agree that taking anything to the extreme is not a good idea and that in the end, we should be focusing on the positive things that make us the most happy. Robin, I agree that everyone is different and it’s important to always remember that.

As for your comments Shannon, I appreciate your candor and apologize if I came across as self righteous in any way. My list was meant to be somewhat tongue-in-cheek (grinding wheat, etc.) and certainly was not comprehensive! So many, many more things (and more substantial things) could have been added to the list. I just chose not to air all of my dirty laundry on the blog! 🙂

In any case, my intention was NOT to make anyone feel uncomfortable. I appreciate your insight that being an overacheiver is equally as precarious to proper life balance as being lazy. I recognize it’s important to put my wife and children at the TOP of my priority list — above church callings, work, school, etc. They are the most important and everything else should come second. I guess my reason for putting up that post was to acknowledge to myself that while there are a million things I COULD and SHOULD be doing, it is absolutely impossible to do all of them. The post was my way of expressing my recognition that choices must be made between GOOD things. And while that has been difficult for me to accept, I am coming to understand that that’s okay. 

I really liked Elder Dallin H. Oaks talk on the subject during the October 2007 General Conference. His remarks, entitled Good, Better, Best, are right on the mark.

Thanks again for the discussion. It’s always interesting to see others’ perspectives.

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One response to “Follow-up to “Things I’m Supposed to Do”

  1. Kristy

    December 20, 2007 at 3:03 am

    There are seasons of life! In some seasons you have more time than in others. I look forward (while still enjoying raising kids) to the season of my life when my time is a little more my own. I anticipate gardening, reading more, doing more crafts, serving more, and traveling. Impossible to add anything to my list in the here and now though!
    We all try to do as much as we can while still attending to the things that absolutely MUST be done. Judging anyone for what they decide to do (or decide not to do) is just silly.


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