Die-it or Live-it?

02 Jul

Two months ago, I started yet another weight loss contest my my friend, Mike Peterson. We set it up so that if we missed our weekly goal, we would have to pay each other $15 per pound over the goal. With weigh in’s every Friday, I was constantly motivated not to have to pay out the money. And so far I’ve been lucky. I’ve met my goal most of the time and when I haven’t, Mike hasn’t either so we decided not to penalize each other. The results are encouraging. I dropped from 197 to 179 in 9 weeks. That’s 18 pounds, or approximately 2 pounds per week. Mike had similar results. My pants fit better and I feel much better about my appearance.

Problem is, I leave for vacation tonight and vacations are extremely difficult to avoid gaining weight. However, I am planning to bring my scale with me to keep me accountable and if I gain any weight over the next week, I have to pay Mike $20 for every pound gained. My plan is to eat what everyone else is eating, just less of it. And I’m going to avoid snacking and drinking sugary soda. I also plan to be very active and get lots of exercise. Will it be enough to keep me from gaining that hard-lost weight back? I hope so.

You know, it amazes me how easy it is to put it on and how hard it is to take it off. It’s just not right. But it’s the way it is, at least for my body. I’ve lost weight before. Check this out:

  • May-August 1996 – Lost 35 pounds (from 201 to 166)
  • Jan-June 2004 – Lost 33 pounds (from 204 to 171)
  • Jan-May 2007 – Lost 20 pounds (from 198 to 170 )
  • Aug-Sep 2007 – Lost 11 pounds (from 196 to 185)
  • May-June 2008 – Lost 18 pounds (from 197 to 179)
  • Mike and I plan to continue the contest until we lose some more pounds. I hope to get to the low 170s and keep it there. As I bounce around the scale (as evidenced above), I feel like the smoker who says, “I know I can quit smoking, I’ve done it dozens of times.” I have to permanently change my lifestyle, my eating habits. As the title of my post says, I have to stop “die-itinng” and start “live-iting.”

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    Posted by on July 2, 2008 in Health


    One response to “Die-it or Live-it?

    1. Vicki

      July 9, 2008 at 9:27 pm

      It’s worth the effort–I’m impressed with your commitment.


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