A Case of the Shingles

13 Jul

So the house has been on the market for over three months now, and despite about 40 showings, we haven’t gotten an offer yet. It feels like going on tons of first dates and not being able to get a second date, let alone a marriage proposal. You begin to feel like something is wrong with you (or, in this case, the house). A month ago we decided to drop the asking price to see what would happen. It seemed to increase the number of showings but didn’t bring in any offers.

Our realtor (a friend of mine from high school) had been telling us all along that our old roof could possibly be driving people away. But before fixing it, we decided to wait for a few months to see if we could sell it without doing too much. This week I finally decided to just do it. I got a good bid from a roofer, ordered the singles and scheduled the re-cover of my old roof. It took two guys about eight hours over two days to do the job — and they did a good job. We used 30-year architectural shingles in a similar color to our old shingles. Check it out…

Pretty exciting, huh? Next on our list: new carpet for the entire house. It’s coming this week and I get to move all my furniture and tear out all the old carpet and pad before they install it. And then, if our STILL doesn’t sell, we’ll have a nice new roof and new carpet to enjoy!

BTW our house just had a birthday. It turned 30 years old. I found a picture on the county tax website of my house when it was first built. Robin calls it our house’s “baby picture.” I’m including it here alongside a picture of our house as of today (with the new roof).


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Posted by on July 13, 2008 in Family


One response to “A Case of the Shingles

  1. Vicki

    July 25, 2008 at 9:45 am

    Your roof looks great! I really enjoyed the photo of your house as a baby.


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