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Harry Potter and Star Trek Movies Postponed!

It’s off to summer school for Harry Potter; and the Starship Enterprise’s launch has been delayed for five months. Yes, two of my favorite items from pop culture, Harry Potter and Star Trek, were scheuled for release in November and December respectively. Now fans of the boy wizard will have to wait until July 2009 for “The Half-Blood Prince” and Trekkies will have to wait until May 2009 to see Kirk and Spock back in action on board the Enterprise. BUMMER! It’s all about Hollywood greed. These movies are certainly on schedule for their release dates, but due to the writer’s strike (remember that), there are a few open weekends next summer that were too tempting for the studios to resist. Since summer is the hottest and most lucrative time for movies, I guess they decided it made good business sense to release then! So they’ve been postponed to 2009.

Know what else has been postponed to 2009? Our house sale. Yep, after nearly five months on the market, we decided to take our house off the market until the housing market rebounds somewhat. We also want to be more sure of our financial footing (new job and all) before we take the plunge into a larger mortgage. On the day after our agent removed our listing, he got a call from an agent to “begged” him to ask us to show our house one more time. Okay, we said, maybe THIS will be the buyer we’ve been waiting for. So on Saturday, we spent the day cleaning, tidying, organizing and repairing the house (new closet doors, a few patches on the walls, new doorknob for the outside door, etc.) When the appointed hour came and left with no visitors and no rescheduling phone call, we sighed and decided that the time indeed isn’t right to sell our house just yet. So we’ll wait until next year for a new house and the “boy who lived” and the pointed eared guy who reminds us to “live long and prosper!”


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Concert in the Windy City

So last Friday, Harmonix had a fun concert in the Bountiful City Park. Everything went well, except for the fact that the wind was blowing so much that the curtains behind us were flying around, our music stand kept falling over, and our microphones were making gusting sounds. I taped it, but the wind was so strong, you can’t hear our songs very well. Still, we had a good time and I hope we’ll have more concerts in the future! Here are a couple of pictures.

My kids joined me on stage for a song called “Daddy, What If?”

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Summer Concert!

Well, tomorrow is the big day when our a capella quintet will give a concert at the Bountiful City Park. I drove up there this morning to check out the stage and I saw this sign:

I thought, “That sign is talking about US!” so I had to take a picture. The stage is very large and the area where the audience will sit is grassy and shaded by big tress. It’s going to be very cool. I also stopped by the Davis County Clipper to purchase a few copies of today’s newspaper, which features an article on “Harmonix.” It had a full color photo of our group and a nice third-page article on us. The feature isn’t online yet, but when it is I’ll link to it.

Getting to the park is really easy. Just head north on I-15 to the 400 North Exit in Bountiful (Exit 317). Get off the freeway and turn right (heading East) until you get to 200 West. Turn left on that street and the park is right there on the corner, you can’t miss it. The covered stage is huge so it isn’t hard to fine. If you can, come enjoy an hour of music with us at 7:00!

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Picture Day!

Last week Parley and Brianna had picture day. I shelled out $25 per kid to get some good portraits of them at the beginning of their 4th and 2nd grade years. Here’s a picture Robin took just before they went to school:

Aren’t they cute? Robin put Brianna’s hair in curlers the night before and she bought them both new shirts for their pictures. Parley doesn’t like shirts with collars (he’s a T-shirt guy) and so he put up a fuss when we told him he had to wear it. Apparently, he sneaked a different outfit into his backpack and came home wearing his more casual clothes, which he changed into after the pictures were taken. What a kid!

Yesterday, I found Lily pushing her little brother James in a doll stroller. It was so funny to see him crammed in that stroller like a little toy. And he’s so good natured, he didn’t even complain.

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Clean House

So today we had our first home “showing” in nearly one month. July was extremely slow for showings, which made it a good time to get a new roof, new carpet, new closet doors and the deadwood removed from my backyard trees. Hopefully the people who came over will like the house and want to buy it. But I’m not holding my breath. I think everyone’s just a bit nervous right now with the economy and the housing bust. I also think people are waiting for the market to bottom out before they buy. It also might be that first-time home buyers who would likely be our potential buyers are having a harder time getting the credit they need. Or it might be that they just don’t like our house and think they can get something better! Who knows?!

In any case, I am grateful to have showings because it forces us to clean and organize our house. I’d like you to believe that our house is always immaculate, but that just isn’t the case. Like most people, we constantly fight against the clutter and struggle to keep up with our messy children. So having a reason to clean (to fool potential buyers into thinking that we’re not slobs) is a good thing. I feel much more comfortable in a clean house and wish I could always keep it clean. I’d say we do fairly well considering what we’re up against. If we could only afford a maid…

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Harmonix Concert on August 15

Mark your calendars. “Harmonix” has booked it’s first summter-time concert! Yes, it’s true. Through a series of recent performances and referrals, our five-man acapella singing group has been invited to give a concert in the Bountiful City Park on Friday, August 15 at 400 North and 200 West in Bountiful.

Since our non-Christmas repertoire is somewhat limited, we have been busily preparing a bunch of new music. According to gentleman invited us to sing after hearing us at a gig for the Sons of Utah Pioneers, this free summer concert series attracts about 100 attendees who sit on blankets in the park. And they want us to perform for a whole hour, from 7:00 to 8:00. Yikes! That’s a lot of time to fill!

Since we’re all so busy, we only have time to meet once a week during the lunch hour. We’re meeting twice a week from now until the show. We have much work to do, but we’re making some good progress. We’re planning to sing some 50’s classics like “In the Still of the Night,” “Duke of Earl” and “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” along with some patriotic/sacred music like “America the Beautiful,” “O Home Beloved,” and “Come, Come Ye Saints.” We’ll also do a few numbers with my guitar and then sing two new Billy Joel pieces that we’ve been working on: “Lullabye” and “And So It Goes.” They are awesome arrangements and we’re excited about how they are shaping up.

Over the next two weeks, we have to coordinate our clothing, choreography, staging and sound system set-up. It’s been a lot of work to get ready, but it’s well worth it. We need things like this that push us to expand our repertoire and really polish that which we have.

Click here for an Davis County Clipper article on the concert series that mentions our group at the end. We’ll have our own article, complete with pictures, on August 14. So if you’re looking for a fun, free concert put on by some guys who love to sing, come and join us!

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