Harry Potter and Star Trek Movies Postponed!

25 Aug

It’s off to summer school for Harry Potter; and the Starship Enterprise’s launch has been delayed for five months. Yes, two of my favorite items from pop culture, Harry Potter and Star Trek, were scheuled for release in November and December respectively. Now fans of the boy wizard will have to wait until July 2009 for “The Half-Blood Prince” and Trekkies will have to wait until May 2009 to see Kirk and Spock back in action on board the Enterprise. BUMMER! It’s all about Hollywood greed. These movies are certainly on schedule for their release dates, but due to the writer’s strike (remember that), there are a few open weekends next summer that were too tempting for the studios to resist. Since summer is the hottest and most lucrative time for movies, I guess they decided it made good business sense to release then! So they’ve been postponed to 2009.

Know what else has been postponed to 2009? Our house sale. Yep, after nearly five months on the market, we decided to take our house off the market until the housing market rebounds somewhat. We also want to be more sure of our financial footing (new job and all) before we take the plunge into a larger mortgage. On the day after our agent removed our listing, he got a call from an agent to “begged” him to ask us to show our house one more time. Okay, we said, maybe THIS will be the buyer we’ve been waiting for. So on Saturday, we spent the day cleaning, tidying, organizing and repairing the house (new closet doors, a few patches on the walls, new doorknob for the outside door, etc.) When the appointed hour came and left with no visitors and no rescheduling phone call, we sighed and decided that the time indeed isn’t right to sell our house just yet. So we’ll wait until next year for a new house and the “boy who lived” and the pointed eared guy who reminds us to “live long and prosper!”


Posted by on August 25, 2008 in Popular Culture


2 responses to “Harry Potter and Star Trek Movies Postponed!

  1. kira

    August 25, 2008 at 6:44 pm

    I’m sure Robin must be somewhat relieved about all the random “cleaning checks” that come with having a house on the market. Still, bummer.

  2. robinbl

    August 27, 2008 at 9:06 am

    I guess if I can wait another six months for Harry Potter, I can wait another six months for a new house!


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