To Golf or Not to Golf?

08 Sep

Today I participated in the US Bank annual golf tournament for customer appreciation. It was held at Jeremy Ranch. The weather was perfect and the course  was amazing. We played a best ball scramble with a shotgun start (a few months ago I would have not known what that meant) and it was great. The guys I golfed with were quite good and I was definitely the weakest link. For those who don’t know, a best ball scramble is where each person hits and you play the next shot from the ball with the best position. So it makes it more like a team sport instead of an individual one. My goal was to have nine shots during the 18 holes, in which mine was the “best ball.” I had four…

Okay, so I’m not that great at golf. My clubs were purchased a few months back at a second-hand sports store for $60. My golf shoes were actually running shoes and I was wearing the least “golf stylish” clothing of anyone on the course. Everyone in the tournament had a MUCH higher net worth than me (most of the contestants were among the most successful and profitable of the bank’s customers) and so I suppose I was the poorest person there today. But the guys I golfed with were very cool and we had a blast.

So that brings me to the question: to golf or not to golf? Golf is a fun sport. Being outdoors is so refreshing. It can be a good form of exercise except when your ride the cart the whole time – but they are certainly fun to drive. There is a certain amount of strategy involved in getting a good shot and it takes skills that can be learned with practice. But that’s the problem. Practicing takes a lot of time and money — two things that I do not have. It takes 3-5 hours to golf 18 holes and at least $20 per game (often much more).

However, in my current profession, I need to be able to golf decently. Business relationships are often strenghthened on the course and deals are sometimes struck over a good game. So I have invested in a range card and I try to get out and practice hitting every week or so. I don’t have a lot of golfing buddies, so if I want to get good, I’ll have to go it alone, which isn’t nearly as fun. My goal is not to become AWESOME at golf. My goal is to simply hold my own. So… anyone want to go golfing?


Posted by on September 8, 2008 in Health


3 responses to “To Golf or Not to Golf?

  1. kira

    September 8, 2008 at 5:43 pm

    Aaron had fun golfing with his seminary buddies back in the day! Too bad we sold his clubs to be able to fit into our apartment…oh, and pay the bills! 🙂

  2. shannon

    September 8, 2008 at 6:01 pm

    That’s funny. I thought that sort of thing only happened in the movies. I had no idea golf was so expensive. Any way it could be considered a tax write off?

  3. Jake

    September 8, 2008 at 8:17 pm

    I’m up for a round. I bet you’re probably even better than me. I started taking lessons a month or so ago, but only got through one because the baby came, and as you say, how does anyone find the time. How about Saturday?


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