Merry Christmas from the Lamberts

24 Dec

Here’s the text from my 2008 Christmas newsletter:

Dear Family and Friends,
Merry Christmas! 2008 has been a wonderful, exciting year for us, and we are counting our blessings. We are certainly grateful for the love and support of wonderful friends and family members. Here’s a quick update on us.
Our oldest son, Parley, is now in fourth grade and would spend every waking moment with some type of electronic device (TV, computer, X-Box, etc.) if we let him. He just finished reading the entire Harry Potter series and enjoys school and playing with his friends. Brianna, who is in second grade, was involved in Sunshine Generation for much of the year and enjoys singing and dancing. She loves to color and play the piano by ear. Lily is a typical four-year old, very needy. Luckily we found a good pre-school for her, which she enjoys. She’s a very popular little girl with lots of friends.
Robin continues to manage our household very well, busily caring for our four little children. She’s constantly attending to at least one of them and craves alone time, which she rarely gets. We’re very lucky to have her, as we would likely starve and be in rags without her. Robin serves as an “Activity Day” leader at church, organizing regular activities for a group of young girls in our home. This fall she participated in a large women’s choir called “We Also Sing” that gave two performances in the tabernacle in November. She also recently performed a piano solo and a violin accompaniment in sacrament meeting; reminders that her talents are not limited to wiping noses, folding laundry, etc.
I’m enjoying my job at US Bank and have learned a lot this year. I continue to serve as a counselor in our ward’s bishopric, which is both time-consuming and rewarding. My roles in my profession and my church calling don’t really jive with my current appearance — for the past two months, I have had a full beard and longer hair because of my involvement in the production of “Savior of the World” at the Conference Center Theater. I play Eli the Shepherd, and have really enjoyed being back on the stage in this musical drama. My acapella group Harmonix also had a very busy year with over a dozen performances. Good times!
We had a great family trip to St. George, Zion and Bryce in the spring, as well as extended family trips to Bear Lake and East Canyon over the summer. Robin and I got to visit New York City in October and had a blast seeing all we could possibly see in four days.
Here’s a little video review of the Lamberts in 2008 that I posted on YouTube:

We hope you are happy and healthy, and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
The Lamberts

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