Don’t Knock the Beard

09 Jan

It’s been two weeks since my play ended and I shaved my beard. It’s nice to have a cleanly shaved face and short, easy to manage hair. Robin seems more willing to kiss me and I once again look like a sharp banker. However, some have lamented the loss of my beard. My bearded brother-in-law Chris wrote the following comment which I had to repost here because it made me laugh out loud. He writes:

“I liked the beard and the hair could’ve worked too with the right shaping (that sounded pretty gay didn’t it?). I wish you had the freedom to grow it without needing to be in a play because it really suited you. I also think you need to learn to accept your beard and not treat it like a second-class body part that is only good for being a stage prop when it is trying so hard to make you look good and keep your face warm. Consider the feelings of your beard Andrew. It wants to be handsome and useful yet you discard it immediately after your shepard’s role is finished.”

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Posted by on January 9, 2009 in Silly Stuff


One response to “Don’t Knock the Beard

  1. Vicki

    January 14, 2009 at 9:32 pm

    Chris’s comment was hilarious! Thanks for passing it on. You really did look good with your beard and long hair.


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