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2009 Year in Review: Lamberts

2009 is quickly drawing to a close and it’s been quite a year for our family. Here’s a brief summary:

We took the kids to Disneyworld in January and loved being together in such a magical place. The only downside was record-breaking cold temperatures in Florida during the week we were there, and a certain four-year old who threw regular fits. We took the kids camping three times and enjoyed a few days at my mom’s timeshare in East Canyon. In September, Robin and I traveled to San Francisco to see the musical “Wicked” and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Bay Area. Highlights included the Oakland temple, Muir Woods and Alcatraz.

Parley turned 10 in May and became a Webelos Scout. He continues to enjoy playing the piano and video games, and recently started learning the trumpet with the elementary school band. We attended his Christmas concerts, which can only be described as “wonderfully terrible.”

Brianna turned 8 in July and was baptized. She loves to color and do crafts and enjoys playing with her Webkins stuffed animal. She and Parley participated in the cast of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” in South Jordan last summer.

Lily started kindergarten earlier this year and loves school. She’s a very sociable girl and is a bit of a drama queen, lots of highs and lows.

Adorable brown-eyed James is two and is learning to talk better each day. He frequently raids the sugar bowl and gets into a fair amount of mischief. Our hope is to be out of diapers in 2010.

Robin and Andrew
Robin stays very busy managing our household and trying to keep our children from killing one another. She works hard to teach our children values, including kindness, respect and the value of work, a lesson they are reluctant to learn. She particiated in a Women’s Chorus called “We Also Sing” and enjoyed singing some beautiful music. Robin serves on the Activities Committee in our ward and also works with the Activity Days girls. She lends her writing talents when needed, including the ward roadshow and the Christmas program this year.

I continue to serve as a counselor in our ward’s bishopric and have enjoyed some good success in my job as a business banking officer at US Bank. This year I went on several camping trips and hikes with the scouts and my family. I also played a lot of golf, tennis, racquetball and swam dozens of times. Even with all that exercise, I still can’t seem to get skinny and stay skinny. I feel like I’m always on a diet.

I sang in a large Men’s Chorus that gave a concert in the Salt Lake Tabernacle in June. I also performed a dozen times with my acapella group. We recently purchased some sound equipment for our live performances and plan to go to a studio to record some tracks for a CD in 2010. Music has always been an important part of my life.

We hope this update finds you all happy and healthy. May 2010 be a wonderful year for all of us. Happy New Year!


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Singing Together at Christmas

The Christmas season is here and with all the snow, cold temperatures, lights and decorations, it’s beginning to look and feel like it! However, nothing makes me feel the Christmas spirit more than music. I really enjoy listening to Christmas music, but performing it for others is one of my favorite Christmas activities. Thankfully, my “man-band” Harmonix continues to get together to sing (we’ve sung off and on since high school).

We’ve done ten performances so far this year with three more scheduled. By year’s end, we will have sung in four sacrament meetings, six Relief Society or ward parties, one funeral, a Memorial Day program sponsored by Midvale City and one performance for the inmates at the Utah State Prison. And while we love to sing together throughout the year, our favorite time to perform is a Christmas. There’s just something special about music at this time of year.

Here’s a photo of the group we took for a gig in Bountiful last year. Handsome guys, eh?

A few years ago, I insisted that we come up with a name for the group. Since no one had a better idea, I christened us “Harmonix.” The guys want a new group name, but no one has come up with anything better!

It’s been a great blessing that we have stay connected as friends through our common interest in music. And although we aren’t “professional-grade,” we really do enjoy sharing our feelings and testimonies through song. 

Here are a few videos of our performance at First Night 2007 in downtown Salt Lake City at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Enjoy!

Joy to the World

Good King Wenceslas

Angels Singing Deo

Christmas Chopsticks


Deck the Hall

O Come, O Come Immanuel

Little Drummer Boy

Silent Night

We Wish You a Merry Christmas


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