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Summer Fun – Part 1

Summer is halfway over and we’ve had a lot of fun. I love summer and always try to make the most out of my time. Our big event in June was the completion of our new house in Traverse Mountain. This picture was taken on the day that we got our keys. We were SO excited to move in. We had been staying with my mom for 10 weeks and while we enjoyed being with her very much, we were really happy to get into our new place. Isn’t it beautiful?

They were laying sod on the day we got the keys. The grass is fairly well established now (six weeks later) and all the houses around us are completed as well with landscaping done. It’s so nice!

Here’s a shot from the back of the house up on the hill. Those big windows in our family room are so cool. We love it.

We have some really pretty sunsets that we can watch at the top of the hill.

Brianna, Lily, Buddy and Parley on the top of the mountain behind our house with a view of Cabela’s and Thanksgiving Point below.

This next shot is our family at the Legacy Lake at the LDS-church owned Heber Valley Family Camp during the Lambert Family Reunion. This reunion included descendents of my great grandparents, Alma and Molly Lambert. We had a great time!

Lily and James with cousins Max and Topher on our porch swing at our new house. We’ve enjoyed hosting friends and family at our new home.

Lily and Brianna in Huntsville on July 3, about an hour before fireworks. This is actually in front of a historic saloon that still operates as a bar. We were in Ogden Valley near Pineview Reservoir for a vacation with my mom and siblings’ families. We had a great time. (The iPhone took all these pictures with its 2 MP camera. It doesn’t have a flash or zoom, and as you can see takes much better pictures in sunlight than without.)

Lily and James riding a little train in Liberty, Utah during our Independence Day Celebration. (Great place to be on July 4th, a town called “liberty.”)

Lily, Parley and Brianna participated in the Liberty “chicken catch” and she was the only one that caught one. And the prize for catching the chicken, you ask? You get to keep the chicken. We already have two cats and a dog, we don’t need a chicken, nor do we have a place to keep it. So when we made Lily give it up 15 minutes after she won it (and named it Alice) she cried and cried. It was not a happy couple of hours. At least we have this picture so she can fondly remember Alice, her pet chicken.

During our extended family vacation, several of us went on a hike up a nearby canyon. My baby sister Holly was eight month’s pregnant with her bearded husband Chris Davies. My brother Dan and his daughter Hannah joined us, as well as Nate and his two boys. Good times!

Two-year old James is finally starting to figure out the potty (I’ve always thought that was a goofy, juvenile word. Why not just say “toilet?”) Anyway, he’s very proud of a certain deposit he made moments before this picture was taken.

Brianna and Lily are having a “tea party” in our piano room. James eyes the treats and the sugar water they are using as their tea.

Lily and James with beautiful Mt. Timpanogos in the background. We found a camping site in American Fork Canyon in mid-July and had a great time.

Here’s our campsite in the wilderness. No facilities. Lots of fun. (Expect that I forgot my allergy medication, and accidently forgot to pack enough sleeping bags and pillows, and my air mattress wouldn’t inflate because my electric pump didn’t work. It was a long night.)

Andrew, James and Lily during a visit to Cascade Springs the morning after our camp.

My cute family during a hike near Tibble Fork Reservoir. Love those smiles.

Here we’re feeding the coy fish at Thanksgiving Point Gardens. We bought an annual family membership there since we live so close (8 minutes by car) and we’ve been enjoying it. They have activities for the whole family on Monday nights. Last week it was a Jello fight, so the kids wore their swimsuits and threw Jello at other kids before they turned on the sprinklers and washed them off.

My girls in front of a Pioneer Day float on display at the South Town Expo Center. You get to see the floats up close in comfortable air conditioning.

My boys in front of a float commemorating the legendary seagulls and crickets story from Mormon pioneer history.

We’ve had a busy summer. And it’s not over yet. Our goal is to swim in 10 different pools, go on 10 different hikes and go camping at least twice. It’s fun to stay active and give the kids experiences they’ll remember (hopefully).


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