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2012 Year in Review: Lamberts

Happy New Year!

As we begin 2013, we do so with gratitude in our hearts for the great experiences we had in 2012. Here’s a summary of what’s happening with the Lambert Family.

I continue to work at US Bank as a business banking officer. I had a successful year helping businesses get real estate loans, lines of credit and equipment financing. I’m currently in my fifth year at US Bank, providing business banking support to the seven US Bank branches in Utah County. It’s challenging and rewarding. It’s fascinating to meet with so many different business owners and seeing all the interesting ways people make money!

I maintained my weight at 160 pounds throughout the year, thanks to a great weekly accountability program devised with my brothers Aaron and Nate. Watching what I eat is crucial to keeping the weight off, but the exercise helps too. I ran about 1,500 miles with my faithful border collie, Buddy. I also bought a mountain bike since running sometimes gets old. 🙂


I successfully completed the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay in June. In 2011 I ran on a team with 12 runners, but in 2012 I ran on an “ultra team” consisting of just six runners. I ran 33 miles in six segments over about 30 hours. I got about one hour of sleep and it was exhausting. My average pace was 8:33, which is really good for me.

Here’s a picture of our team after completing the 198 mile race. The guy in the front (in the Speedo) was a real character…


I enjoyed watching diverse shows on Netflix like “Breaking Bad” and “Downton Abbey.”

2013-01-02 18.47.20Downton

And I read just about every article I could about Mitt Romney’s run for the presidency.


I didn’t do any theater performances this year, but I did perform more than a dozen times with my acpaella singing group, BLEND. Two of those performances were at the Utah State Prison for the inmates, as you can see in the photo below. Our website is There you can can listen to tracks from our 2010 CD.


I attended the Neil Diamond concert at Rio Tinto Stadium with my brother Aaron. (Sweeeet Caroline!)


My passion for traveling was satisfied through a bunch of short trips, including:

A road trip to Denver and Kansas City with my brother Nate in May. We visited Church history sites in Missouri (like Liberty Jail), along with the Community of Christ (RLDS) temple.


A fun-filled family reunion with the Lamberts in Bear Lake in July.

DSC_0079 074


An anniversary trip to Seattle, Victoria and Vancouver with my sweetheart in August. 15 years of marriage, baby!

IMG_0748 IMG_0728


A trip to the Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City and a visit to Zion National Park in September. So fun!

IMG_0804 IMG_0807

I also got in a few trips with friends and work associates to play in the waters of Lake Powell, golf at Sand Hollow in St. George and hang out at Wolfcreek in Eden, Utah. What a great year!


My wonderful wife Robin has successfully completed the first four semesters of an eight semester program at LDS Business College’s Interior Design Program. She is really blossoming in her knowledge and skills, and it’s fun to see her enjoying her school experience so much. She’s already applied those skills to a few rooms that she has painted and decorated at our house in Lehi.

Her goal is to finish this second college degree in the spring of 2014 and seek employment in the field since our kids will all be in school full time by then. She served for most of 2012 as a counselor in our ward’s primary presidency and it was fun to watch her do sharing time and try to keep the 120+ kids in our ward in check. She now teaches Sunday School to teenagers while I serve in the high priest group leadership.

We planted a garden this year and had our first harvest (somewhat meager), but it was a good experience. Robin continues to be an excellent mother and homemaker, and we’re lucky to have her. Isn’t she a cutie?


Parley (13) is now officially taller than me. His hands and feet are enormous and he sings bass, while I sing tenor. It’s fun to have a teenager around (most of the time). He participates in scouts, plays in the band, sings in the choir and is progressing nicely in his karate class (current rank is blue belt). In fact, he was awarded “Student of the Year” for his dojo and participated in two tournaments. He is competing in a big tournament in Las Vegas in just a few weeks.

IMG_1002 IMG_0770 IMG_08332012-12-30 19.53.57

Brianna (11) is a teenager in pretty much every way and is enjoying her sixth grade year at Traverse Mountain Elementary. Brianna is a talented artist and singer and is currently rehearsing for the school musical “Once on This Island.” She participated in the ballroom dance class at school and enjoyed a cheerleading class with Lily this summer. She’s a beautiful natural blonde with a great smile.

PIC_0720 IMG_0586 022

Lily (8) is a very enthusiastic, passionate girl who loves being with friends, listening to her Taylor Swift CDs and playing on her iPod. Lily was very excited to be baptized this year and is anxious to become a teenager herself. She got a guitar for Christmas and is looking forward to fulfilling her dreams of becoming a “country star.” I look forward to managing her music career. 🙂

PIC_0723 IMG_0311

James (5) is the baby of the family and started his second year of preschool this year. His birthday is in October and so he can’t start kindergarten until this fall. He loves his preschool class and continues to learn and grow in so many areas. We love this little guy!

PIC_0742 026

Our family has been truly blessed and we look forward to exciting things in 2013. May each of us have a wonderful and prosperous year.


The Lamberts



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