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The Coyote and the Porcupine

This morning I went for a run with my dog Buddy in the hills behind my house in the Traverse Mountain neighborhood of Lehi. There are many cool trails back there, but one that I particularly like is about a four mile round trip and very beautiful. As I began to run on that trail, I heard something barking incessantly behind me. The creature was pursing Buddy and me, and since the strange whining noise sounded a lot like the coyote call my brother-in-law Chris Davies demonstrated for me once, I suspected it was a coyote. I caught a glimpse of him 50 yards behind me and pulled out my phone to google images of coyotes. Yep, a coyote was in hot pursuit. Naturally, I picked up a stick to defend myself.

I knew the trail I was running on was about to end and that I would have to turn around and face the beast who had been chasing us! Just as I got there, a porcupine greeted me with threatening movements. This mobile cactus didn’t look very friendly, and so, armed with my stick, I decided to face the coyote!

Now, I’d love to embellish the truth right now and say that I grabbed the porcupine and threw it at the coyote, or that Buddy and I each valiantly fought one of the wild animals and prevailed. However, the truth is more boring. The coyote kept its distance (still following us back down the trail) and the porcupine posed for the picture below. But it was kind of a fun morning run, nevertheless.

Anyway, I thought this would be a fun post for my 200th blog entry since I started my blog back in May 2007. During those first years, I was blogging a couple times a week. Over the past four years, I have averaged three posts per year! I guess blogging is sort of out of fashion, while the shorter Facebook posts are more common.

Anyway, happy 200th post to me. At this rate, I’ll reach 300 posts by the time I’m 70.





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