2017 Year in Review: Lambert Family

31 Dec

2017 was a very memorable year for our family. Like everyone, we had lots of ups and downs, but we’re grateful for the opportunity to create fond memories and to grow by facing challenges.

We took our family to Oahu, Hawaii for spring break and enjoyed five days in the sunshine and beach together. We explored the island and visited the Polynesian Cultural Center, Pearl Harbor and various beaches. We even got to tour the royal palace and see where they filmed various movies including Jurassic Park.

In June, we took our oldest son on a senior trip to Southern California, where we enjoyed a day at Universal Studios, a tour of the Warner Brothers back lot and a visit to Hollywood. We even rented a convertible yellow Camero for a day to try to look cool.

Robin and I had our 20th wedding anniversary in August and we celebrated with a trip to Paris and London in early November. We packed a lot into six days in those two amazing cities, and I’m so very grateful we had that chance to see so many iconic buildings, museums and works of art. Robin loves to travel and experience new things, so we’re very blessed to enjoy these trips together.

I had a great year at work at US Bank (my best ever) and continue to help businesses get access to the financing they need to grow. My calling on the stake high council has been wonderful as I get to speak in various wards around Traverse Mountain, as well as work with the youth and their leaders. I had the privilege of serving on the staff for a Woodbadge course in June (advance leadership training created by the BSA) and gained some great friendships.


In the fall, I had the chance to play Gomez Addams in “The Addams Family Musical” with the Sandy Arts Guild. I made some wonderful new friends from the cast/crew and had a blast singing several solos, duets and group numbers, speaking with a Spanish accent, dancing the Tango and doing some sword fighting. I also enjoyed attending more than 20 different theatrical presentations, many of which involved my theater friends.



I continued to struggle with weight gain in 2017 and put on another 25 pounds – already up from the 25 I gained in 2016. This was very discouraging for me, but I only have myself to blame for not being more careful. I have resolved to do better in 2018.

Robin worked at Interior Concepts throughout the year and designed some wonderful model homes for local homebuilders. She honed her skills and really put her education and talents to work. She decided, for personal and professional reasons, to quit her job in November and plans to start her own business in 2018. I’m excited for this new venture and hope it will be a blessing for her.

We decided to make some improvements to our home on Lehi and started by replacing all the original flooring. We love the new hardwood on the main floor and the soft carpet in other areas of the house.

Parley, our oldest son, graduated from high school and is now a freshman at BYU, living in Helaman Halls. It was far more difficult for me than I expected to have one of my children move out (I’m a sentimental person) and I made sure to take him to lunch once a week. He’s enjoying living on his own and adjusting to the responsibilities of adulthood.

Brianna is a junior at Skyridge High School and buses tables at the upscale Harvest Restaurant at Thanksgiving Point, working 15-20 hours per week since March. She spends her spare time doing homework, drawing and playing the piano and cello. She’s really close to getting her drivers license – she just needs a few more hours of practice.

Lily is in 8th grade at Lehi Junior and enjoys spending time with friends and working on various musical theater projects. She played Gabriella in Lehi Arts Council’s production of “High School Musical Jr.” and started taking musical theater class with Alpine Theater. She is often heard singing Broadway hits from “Hamilton” or “Wicked” and loves spending time with her friends.

James is in 5th grade and is such a curious, intelligent boy with a fun sense of humor. He has struggled quite a bit this year with emotional regulation and hyperactivity. We’ve been to counseling, visited various doctors and have tried many different combinations of medications to help him. We’ve been disappointed not to get better results for his condition, as the combination of emotional/mental challenges make it hard for him to function at school. Thankfully, he has a great teacher and a lot of people who are trying to help him. We look forward to improvements in the new year.

Our pets are doing well. Buddy is 14 years old and next month will be 100 in dog years. He is slowing down a lot lately and can’t easily go up or down stairs. I’m thinking we’ll have to put him down in the next few months, which is a sad thought. On the bright side, our cat Zoey gave birth to 11 kittens (two litters) and they lived with us for several months this year. We kept one of the kittens and named her Winnie. Now we have a dog, three cats, a snake and some goldfish as part of the Lambert menagerie.

We feel very fortunate to have so many wonderful family and friends that enrich our lives so much. Happy New Year, everyone!


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