My Facebook Rules

18 Apr

A friend of my recently joined Facebook and I offered him some suggestions since I’m such an avid Facebooker. Here are my personal Facebook rules developed over the past ten years:

Share original content whenever possible. If you must share a link to an article, make some commentary on why you think it’s interesting instead of just posting it.

Avoid complaining on Facebook, but don’t be afraid to be real about your struggles from time to time. It really is helpful for people to see that your life isn’t all roses and that we share similar struggles and frustrations.

Avoid posting too much on a single subject (like theater or running). Mix it up in order to remain interesting.

Avoid posts and language that would appear too self-aggrandizing. No one likes a braggart.

Avoid controversial subjects since it often results in people fighting each other online and no one really changes their mind. If you feel you must engage in online argument, be respectful and always strive to validate the other person’s points that you CAN agree with.

Avoid using Facebook for personal enrichment or business purposes.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your faith as it is an important part of you, but keep religious posts more broad so that those who are not of your faith can benefit.

Don’t embarrass or shame people in posts or comments, even when they’re being confrontational or rude.

Stay positive and uplifting. Make people look forward to your posts by making sure each post is interesting, amusing or inspiring.


I don’t always live up to these ideals, but the guiding principles have helped me create a positive online persona that hopefully is a positive influence.

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