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The Coyote and the Porcupine

This morning I went for a run with my dog Buddy in the hills behind my house in the Traverse Mountain neighborhood of Lehi. There are many cool trails back there, but one that I particularly like is about a four mile round trip and very beautiful. As I began to run on that trail, I heard something barking incessantly behind me. The creature was pursing Buddy and me, and since the strange whining noise sounded a lot like the coyote call my brother-in-law Chris Davies demonstrated for me once, I suspected it was a coyote. I caught a glimpse of him 50 yards behind me and pulled out my phone to google images of coyotes. Yep, a coyote was in hot pursuit. Naturally, I picked up a stick to defend myself.

I knew the trail I was running on was about to end and that I would have to turn around and face the beast who had been chasing us! Just as I got there, a porcupine greeted me with threatening movements. This mobile cactus didn’t look very friendly, and so, armed with my stick, I decided to face the coyote!

Now, I’d love to embellish the truth right now and say that I grabbed the porcupine and threw it at the coyote, or that Buddy and I each valiantly fought one of the wild animals and prevailed. However, the truth is more boring. The coyote kept its distance (still following us back down the trail) and the porcupine posed for the picture below. But it was kind of a fun morning run, nevertheless.

Anyway, I thought this would be a fun post for my 200th blog entry since I started my blog back in May 2007. During those first years, I was blogging a couple times a week. Over the past four years, I have averaged three posts per year! I guess blogging is sort of out of fashion, while the shorter Facebook posts are more common.

Anyway, happy 200th post to me. At this rate, I’ll reach 300 posts by the time I’m 70.





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Like Father, Like Son

Today is my nine-year-old son Parley’s first day back to school after his three-week “off track” time. He was up at 6:30 and I found this doodle pad with his To Do list written on it. It made me smile. Like his father, he’s a list person.


I like the last one: “Sit on vent,” meaning the heater vent at our house that he likes to sit on to get warm. Ah, the simple life of a young boy…


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Don’t Knock the Beard

It’s been two weeks since my play ended and I shaved my beard. It’s nice to have a cleanly shaved face and short, easy to manage hair. Robin seems more willing to kiss me and I once again look like a sharp banker. However, some have lamented the loss of my beard. My bearded brother-in-law Chris wrote the following comment which I had to repost here because it made me laugh out loud. He writes:

“I liked the beard and the hair could’ve worked too with the right shaping (that sounded pretty gay didn’t it?). I wish you had the freedom to grow it without needing to be in a play because it really suited you. I also think you need to learn to accept your beard and not treat it like a second-class body part that is only good for being a stage prop when it is trying so hard to make you look good and keep your face warm. Consider the feelings of your beard Andrew. It wants to be handsome and useful yet you discard it immediately after your shepard’s role is finished.”

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Goodbye Beard

Okay, this post is just silly. It is not me being an egomaniac and posting 10 headshots of myself. It’s just that for the past couple of months I’ve had a beard and longer hair, which is a big change from my look, which has basically remained the same over the past 20 years. Now that my play has ended, I have shaved my face and cut my hair. I just thought I’d have a little fun in the process. So my wife dutifully took all these mug shots as I shaved in stages. I find it fascinating how various facial hair styles evoke different reactions from different people such as:


My last haircut was in early August, an eternity ago for me who gets a haircut every four to six weeks. This look works well for the shepherd part I played in the show. Others have said I look like a college poetry professor, a protesting 60’s radical or Barry Gibbs from the Bee Gees.


After the haircut Robin said I now looked more like a lumberjack. Several people have told me I looked like Tony Stark from Iron Man (a.k.a. Robert Downey Jr.)


This style, technically called a Van Dyke not a goatee, is very common today and doesn’t look too bad on me…


Here’s a profile shot of my beard and somewhat prominent nose.


Handlebar mustache. Reminds me of a small town sherrif.


An even less flattering version of the handlebar mustache.


Here’s one with the mustache only. I think you have to be over 50 to be able to grow a mustache and have it look decent. This look makes me think of a used car salesmen, or worse, a creepy guy offering kids candy near an elementary school.


Another unflattering look with the mustache. Cheesey!


Pure evil!


Nice guy. Somewhat dumb looking with a newly shaven face. And it really is as smooth as a baby’s behind. (I know because I just  gave baby James a bath!)

So that’s my silly post for today. I’ve had lots of people tell me I should have kept the beard and/or the hair. Others have said I look better clean shaven. What do you think?

This shot was taken in Great Clips earlier tonight. When I arrived, they said I’d have to come back tomorrow as they were closing. I literally BEGGED them to let me get my hair cut; I offered to even pay extra. I just could bear the thought of another couple of days with this shaggy do…



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Shaving My Beard

Each year, I have this strange desire to grow a beard. I think perhaps it stems from a desire to prove my manliness since I’m not really into moster trucks, hunting or WWF wrestling! It also perhaps relates to my experience playing Tevye in “Fiddler on the Roof” at Hillcrest High School back in 1991. The “papas” were all told to grow beards if they could. As the 17-year-old lead in the play, I was unable to grow a beard, even though several my fellow actors were able to do so. And so each night of the show, I would come in a few hours early and endure an uncomfortable 45-minutes of getting a beard glued onto my chin, piece by piece, so it would look as real as possible. Robyn Mousley, one of the directors, would use this ammonia-smelling latex material that was really gross. The fake beard was itchy and hot, and I did not like it. Oh, if I could only grow my own beard, I thought!

After scene four (the bar scene where Tevye and Lazar Wolf drink “To Life”), my mustache would start to come off because it was soaking wet from the fake vodka (water) I drank in that scene, so I would have to quickly glue it back on with spirit gum! It would dry fairly quickly and get all crusty, just in time for me to go back onto the stage for a conversation with Tzietel and Motel the tailor about their plans for marriage. Talk about having a stiff upper lip!

Anyway, growing a beard has become an annual tradition for me. And I figured that my last week at my old job followed by a week of vacation before beginning my new job at the bank would be the perfect time to grow it. I’ve never before grown a FULL beard for two weeks, and I have to say that it looked pretty good. Robin says she liked it better than the smaller “Van Dyke”-style beard I have grown in years past.

My kids thought it would be fun for me to make a video of myself shaving and then speed it up and set it to music! So for your entertainment purposes, I have included the 1-minute video here. Enjoy!


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